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Sugar Town

Can’t sleep

Feeling so alone but then I get on tumblr and its not so bad

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I don’t want this anymore

I know that things are not the greatest right now. I know that you are trying your best. But no matter what I try to tell myself I still feel sad sometimes knowing that I can’t talk to you anymore the way I used to. I feel alone.

You seem so distant and so unattached. That scares me. I never want to think that you are unhappy with me. You deserve to be happy. But so do I. I feel afraid that I’m losing you. 

There are so many times that I’ve wanted to let you be. To just leave you alone because I don’t know what I have to do for you to make you want me. Then again I shouldn’t have to make you want me. I feel unwanted. 

Most of all I don’t feel like crying anymore.

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